Requirement for proposal

Proposal evaluation will be based on the Requirement. Deadline is 30-Sep-2016  Click here to see the Hall of Peace Open Day presentation

Click here for a Proposal Template (for a simple use of one room, a more detailed proposal will be expected for bigger programs that require the full use of the centre)

Please submit complete proposals to

Requirement for the renovation of the new centre 

Health & Safety  
Mould Removal (and fixing the back wall and street slope to avoid future risk of mould), Duct cleaning, Kitchen Renovation, Fix stairs to basement, Security camera

Energy Efficiency
Energy Saving lighting, Air Condition (quiet and efficient), Windows insulation, roof fixing if needed
Internal and External Rennovation
Remove the vertical column on top of roof, Remove the stained glass at the Entrance door in saleable condition, Push the sanctuary wall backwards and dispose of the organ, Remove the Seats in Main Hall (optionally recycle them for smaller seats/chairs or Kitchen cabinets), Renovate the Kitchen, Renovate the washrooms, Painting and flooring, Sound system wiring, IT equipment wiring

Logo Contest – Deadline is 30-Sep-2016

Name: Hall of Peace – Ottawa Youth Centre

The requirements for the hall of peace logo competition is listed below:

  1. A)The Main Requirements:
  2. The Logo needs to be creative, new and unique
  3. The Logo needs to have the name of the community center in English and Arabic
  4. The Logo can not be similar to any other one
  5. There is no right to ask for the applied Logo in the future
  6. Every competitor is allowed to summit maximum 3 logos
  7. The hall of peace retains ownership of the winning logo exclusively
  8. The logo designer winner is committed to make any modifications required on the logo
  1. B)The Artistic Requirements:
  2. The logo requires a slogan expressing the idea of the center and it’s goals and missions (should be neutral of any faith)
  3. The logo can be used in all types of media
  4. The logo needs to be simple and unique and can only contain three colors
  5. The small details on the logo have to be clear and in high resolution
  6. The logo must be sent in color and in black and white
  7. The logo must be designed on a professional program in high resolution (300 dpi)
  8. Logo must be summited as pdf or jpg
  9. Contestant must submit a report explaining the meaning of the logo and what makes it unique


Deadline to submit the logo is Friday 30/09/16

Email the logo to (