Ottawa Youth Centre – Family Event

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Thanks to all volunteers and visitors who supported the Ottawa Youth Centre (OYC)
Jazakom Allah Kheir
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Join the OYC young team at 241 Northwestern Avenue for a family event full of activities and fun on September 17th, from 3:00 to 7:00!


Book your tickets online for a discount
Like our Facebook page @hop.oyc
Full package for adults (Movie, Popcorn, BBQ, Drink, Games) only for $12+.99 on eventbrite
Day care package (2-8 years) (Movie, Popcorn, Pizza, Drink, Games ) for $7.5+.77 on eventbrite
Priority for games will be given for pre-purchased tickets
A movie will be running and a BBQ will be taking place, along with other snacks available. Basketball, tennis table and video games for entertainment, and we won’t forget the family board games for all to enjoy!
Rainy Day ??? We have an indoors arm wrestling contest and dart tournament setup for you to enjoy !!!
Daycare service will be available for the little ones to leave a chance for you to enjoy the event fully!
At door tickets:
Full package: $15
Childcare(2-8years): $10