The goal of the Language Exchange Program is to help others learn to speak the language from native speakers. The focus is on English, French and Arabic languages. Other languages could also be offered based on demand and availability of instructors.

How it works:

1- Participant to Sign up to the program under Menu/Programs “Language Exchange Sign Up”

2- Participant receives a link by email to register detailed information (Preferred Location, Language skills and Role in the group)

3- Participant to go to Menu “Language Exchange List” to search for an established group at their preferred location. If a group is found, participant to communicate with the instructor and check availability of seats. If a group is not available, participant or instructor ready to form a group at the preferred location, would initiate communication with other potential candidates to form a group.

4- Preferred Locations could be in various mosques across the Outaouais region, in universities, libraries, cafes depending of flexibility and level of comfort of the group. Groups could also decide to book a community centre room in their area, however costs will need to be covered by the students.

5- Once a group is formed, all members of the group would edit their record using the activation link to check the box for “In a Group?” and add an agreed upon Group Name. Group Name could be based on Preferred location and Preferred Language (Ex: Parkdale-English, Ottawa Mosque – French, SNMC-Arabic, …)

6- Participants to rate the group after a month of attendance or more for future reference. This could be done by modifying one’s record using the activation link provided upon sign up.

Rules of Engagement:

  • This program should grow independent of any organization or organizer, and it should be a new growing trend. Just like how there are free halaqas for deen and Quran.
  • Language instructors are committed volunteers who would do their best to engage the students and support the learning process.
  • Organizations and organizers should be involved to initiate and promote it but not to  manage details.
  • Groups to have at least three students unless instructor is ok with a smaller group.
  • A signing agreement or attendance sheet could be done by instructor for students to ensure commitment if required.
  • The program is free and open for everyone unless rental fees is required in the preferred location.
  • Students less than 18 years old should be in company of their guardians at any time
  • Preferred locations should be limited to public places.
  • Groups to inform the mosque office about the day & time that they would run the free session in the mosque.
  • Islamic values and code of conduct to be respected amongst all participants.

Jazakom Allah Kheir for all your efforts to learn and pass the knowledge.